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Veteran's Benefits Accepted
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The Phoenix School of Massage in Houston, Texas now offers courses translated in Spanish (713-924-0360) and Chinese (713-781-0140).

Massage Magazine teams with Phoenix School to provide free Veteran Massage across the US - Massage Magazine teams with Phoenix School

Affordable Therapeutic Massage - experience quality therapeutic massage from a Phoenix School Student Intern.

Free Massage For Veterans

We now offer classes in Chinese

Massage Therapy Continuing Education (CE) Classes Offered:

Lymphatic Massage, Hot/Cold Stone Massage, ISpa Management Continuing Education Classes.


What are the Phoenix Massage Therapy Schools Houston?

The Phoenix Massage School Houston is a Texas state approved massage therapy school offering quality education in the healing arts. Established in 1986, the eighth school registered in the state, we are now one of the longest running massage therapy schools in Texas. We have two campuses, Southwest and Northwest, in the Houston area. In our two decades, we have graduated numerous professionals to the rewarding field of Therapeutic Massage.

Phoenix Massage Therapy Schools Houston, Texas Special emphasis in the basic course is placed on Massage Body Mechanicssm. Massage Body Mechanics sm is the necessary ingredient for giving massage in a stress free manner. There is simply nothing better anywhere else! Massage Body Mechanicssm was developed at the Phoenix Massage Therapy School in Houston TX and comprises the chapter, "The Science of Table & Body Mechanics," in the current edition of Massage Therapy: Principles & Practice (by W.B. Saunders Publishing Co.). This text is now the largest selling text on Massage Therapy in the world.

Phoenix Massage Therapy Schools Houston, Texas "Phoenix Trainees are simply better then those anywhere else!" - Best of Houston, The Houston Press

"I will devote the chapter, The Science of Table and Body Mechanics entirely to your work"
- Susan Salvo author of Massage Therapy Principles and Practice published by Elsevier

Susan Salvo
William Barry
Director, Phoenix
School of Massage
Susan Salvo
Author, Massage Therapy
Principles and Practices


Professional and Student Clinic

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