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The Advanced Program
(200 Hours)

When Phoenix Massage Therapy School began our graduate program in 1986, our goal was to bring in the leaders in the body therapy field. We wished to create a well rounded program that encompassed structural, functional, and energetic modalities. We were fortunate in obtaining the very persons that we wanted. What we learned from our instructors was even more than we could have expected. From their knowledge and commitment to their work, they taught us a great deal. From their love and desire to share they inspired and enlightened us. We hold a great debt of gratitude to our mentors. It will be difficult to ever re-pay them. Perhaps, by passing the information to the next generation we will do so.


Currently 500 hours of course work is required in over 39 states. Most of these also require National Board (NCBTMB) Testing for entry.

Your clients as well as employers recognize that National Board Certified means participants possess a high level of professionalism and training setting them apart from the rest.

This program may be conveniently financed. So begin today the exciting training leading to opportunities throughout the U.S. in many, many locations.

Call The Phoenix Advanced Program @ 713/974-5976 for enrollment.

For your personal tour and to learn more, Please contact us.

Open House Orientation:

SW Campus Tuesday @ 6:30pm and Saturday @ 1:00pm by appointment.

NW Campus Thursday @ 6:30pm and Sunday @ 1:00pm by appointment.

Please call 713.974.5976

"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now".

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

The Holistic Way
We are often asked "What is Holistic Health? One way of looking at this questions can be illustrated by an ancient Chinese story. read more...

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