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The Significance of Touch

"When you place your hands on a client it can be a heartfelt expression of caring. This can result in profound changes in another life."

Where touching begins, love and humanity begin also. This occurs in the first minutes following birth. Later as we are weaned from this first form of human communication we speak of "staying in touch". Or we speak of "being touched" by some act of kindness. It is emotion and feeling that we are conveying through our symbols. These words reflect back to the first communication we learned, the language of touch.

Impersonality of life in the Western World has produced a significant touch deficit. To shut off the sense of touch is to reduce the dimensionality of our senses. Our world grows flat and arid. In our technological age the field of massage therapy has grown in part due to the universal human need to re-establish our communication through touch. Many brilliant manual techniques do yield outstanding results. Within each - the constant of touch is ever present in its power to communicate and bless.

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